GNU Radio Conference Final Results

We have a winner! Coming from out of nowhere, late entrants team posttalen charged up the leaderboard to win the competition with an overall score of 5752! Congratulations to runners up wolf and jls, and to all of our teams for competing!

Head over to our GNU Radio Conference subpage to watch replays of the matches, and to view the full standings.

GNU Radio Conference Day 2 Retro

Our second match brought a big shakeup in the standings: team jls has leapfrogged their competitors to take the lead, with new competitor team wolf in second!

Today is the last day to submit an image. This is the round that counts, and determines placement for our prizes! Submit your image by 6pm to be eligible!

GNU Radio Conference Kickoff!

The Radio Resilience Compeititon gets underway at GNU Radio Conference today! Join us for the following events as we get started: Monday 2:30pm-3pm EST: “Radio Resilience Competition at GRCon!” intro lecture and overview. Monday 3:30pm-5pm EST: “Registration and Getting Started Workshop” Drop in on our office hours and we ’ll help you register and get started! Monday 6pm EST: Images are due for our first match! See you in the Simulator – good luck! [Read More]

Radio Resilience Competition at GNU Radio Conference!

The Radio Resilience Competition will be featured as a virtual CTF at GNU Radio Conference 2021! Join us online to test your software radio designs from anywhere in the world. This September, we will feature a unique week-long format that will feature multiple events throughout GRCon. Daily matches will provide for dynamic action on our leaderboard, and the winner will walk away with exciting prizes. Tune in throughout the week for the following events: [Read More]

Call for Labs and Teachers!

While we built the open-source Simulator to host our competition, we are excited for its utility for a range of RF simulation tasks and workflows. Its microservice architecture means users can modify agents in simulated RF networks independently from one another, and its sample synchronization means the simulator will run on just about any x86 processor. Two areas that we think the Simulator could benefit are academic labs and instruction. As a virtual RF testbed, the Simulator gives users the ability to experiment with real IQ without having to incur the cost or complexity of real radios. [Read More]

Competition Update

Team Meteor has continued to lead the pack, with consistently strong scores over the last few weeks, with Deadbeef and David-Thee-Radio trading off second and third behind them. Since we are now focusing on a single scenario, this gives competitors a more static set of variables to optimize for. Competitors are encouraged to use this singular simulator and daily match score to improve their designs. We will reintroduce other scenarios soon, but we want to see more improvement first! [Read More]

Coming Soon, SDR-Driver-Style Interfaces

While we endeavor to make the RRC Simulator easy to get started with, we have gotten feedback that implementing custom resamplers could be easier. This is due to IQ burst tagging that is necessary to ensure synchronous operation among the various microservices that make up the Simulator. The Simulator takes care of this by default for most scenarios, and we want to offer a solution for the rest. Therefore we have decided to implement an SDR-driver-style interface for the Simulator! [Read More]

Daily Match Update

Hello competitors! We’re trying something new – we’re going to run one scenario (Dutycycle) exclusively for the next few weeks. By playing the same scenario every day, our intent is to make it easier for competitors to measure their improvement day-to-day.

Competitors, we want to know what you think of this change. Come join us on Slack and let us know!