Announcing Daily Matches!

The Radio Resilience organizers are pleased to announce the launch of daily matches! Every day, we’ll run a scenario featuring the latest images so that competitors can continuously improve their designs. Head on over to the Leaderboard to see the latest scores and yesterday’s replays!

Fall Season Final Results

Yesterday marked our Fall Season Final Event, and with it the end of our inaugural season. Congratulations to Team Meteor on their victory, and also all six of our competitors for their exciting achievements over the last several weeks. The Fall Final featured three rounds of competition. Each round pitted competitor radios against a radio scenario that was selected to exercise specific dimensions of radio performance. The “half” scenario showcased an RF environment where half of the spectrum was denied by a powerful interferer – competitors could either maneuver around the interference, or beef up their modulation/error correction parameters to power through it. [Read More]

Scrimmage 5 Results

Scrimmage #5 presented competitors with a slightly easier variant of our first competitor-sourced interference pattern, the active jammer that was featured in Scrimmage #4. Since that proved to be such a challenging hurdle, we wanted to give competitors another shot at a variant with more relaxed backoffs and a weaker interference pattern. Congratulations to team David-Thee-Radio, whose slow and steady approach enabled them to edge out the competition by scoring points deep into the match! [Read More]

Scrimmage 4 Results

Scrimmage #4 presented competitors with our very first competitor-sourced interference pattern. Submitted by Team Tea and Tech Time, this active jammer followed the radio signals around the environment, posing a unique challenge. Congratulations to Team Meteor and Team TiFi for our first ever tie with a score of 149! Watch the recap of the highlights below, and join us next week at 2pm Pacific on December 20 for Scrimmage #5! [Read More]

Scrimmage 3 Results

Scrimmage #3 presented competitors with a scenario that periodically cycled interference on and off. A variant of Scrimmage #2’s the “Turning up the Heat” scenario, the “Duty Cycle” scenario is designed to reward radios with time division and retransmission capabilities. Congratulations again to Team Meteor, who extended their winning streak to three weeks with an impressive 1850 points. Check out the leaderboard for full results, and recap the action below. [Read More]

Scrimmage 2 Results

Scrimmage #2 saw the introduction of the “Turning up the Heat” scenario, where competitors were forced to contend with a steadily rising noise floor as the match progressed. Congratulations to Team Meteor, who for a second week in a row won the scrimmage with an impressive score of 2575 points. Check out the leaderboard for full results, and recap the action below. Scrimmage #3 will be on Sunday December 6 at 2pm Pacific. [Read More]