Yesterday marked our Fall Season Final Event, and with it the end of our inaugural season. Congratulations to Team Meteor on their victory, and also all six of our competitors for their exciting achievements over the last several weeks.

The Fall Final featured three rounds of competition. Each round pitted competitor radios against a radio scenario that was selected to exercise specific dimensions of radio performance.

  • The “half” scenario showcased an RF environment where half of the spectrum was denied by a powerful interferer – competitors could either maneuver around the interference, or beef up their modulation/error correction parameters to power through it.

  • The “heat” scenario showcased an RF environment where the entire RF spectrum was denied by interference that pulsed on and off with increasing power throughout the round – competitors could dial back their modulation and error correction parameters as the scenario became more challenging, while taking advantage in the lulls in interference to send messages unobstructed.

  • The final “dynamic” scenario showcased interference that tracked competitor radios throughout the spectrum – creating a challenging dynamic pattern that competitors needed to either avoid or muscle through.

The Final Event used round placement and low-point scoring to determine the outcome. Congratulations to Team-Meteor, David-Thee-Radio, and Deadbeef for their respective first, second, and third placements! Head over to the Leaderboard page for the full results.

  1. Team-Meteor

  2. David-Thee-Radio

  3. Deadbeef

  4. TiFi

  5. Tea-and-Tech-Time

  6. MarmotE

Watch the broadcast of the event below. The Radio Resilience Competition will be back with more in the new year!