Participation Agreement and Terms

Open Source

To foster innovation and invention, the Radio Resilience Competition is an Open Source competition. Competitors must license their software under a Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved license in order to be eligible to compete. Competition organizers may request that competitors supply either a link to or a copy of their source code upon request.

Intellectual Property

Scrimmages and matches will collect traffic and data pertaining to the performance of your team’s technology. This data may be released into the public domain at the sole discretion of RRC organizers. This includes all data emitted by a competitor’s technology, including but not limited to interactions with the scoring system, radio transmissions, and raw packet capture data.

Public Release

RRC organizers may make information about your team available through the website and other means for the public to track the competition. Such information may include names, photographs, video, logos, your team’s Open Source licensed code repositories, and/or a brief descriptions of your team.

Along with the Open Source license requirement, software radio container images submitted to the competition by competitors may be made public.

Rule Modifications

Competition rules, terms, and format are subject to change at any time, with no notice, and at the RRC organizers’ sole discretion. RRC organizers will attempt to notify participants of major changes, but offer no guarantees. Participants are encouraged to monitor the website for the latest information.

The competition organizers reserve the right to determine final outcomes and placement, including final determination on prize winners, at their sole discretion. Factors that may cause the organizers to intervene include but are not limited to bugs that affect scoring, suspected foul play, competitor ineligibility, etc.


At no time may a competitor or their technology attempt to disrupt or gain unauthorized access to any competition systems, including but not limited to cloud infrastructure and containers other than the competitor transceiver and receiver instances. Competitor submissions must be fully automated, with no human or outside intervention permitted during matches.

Competitors and their technology are expected to act in accordance with the spirit of the competition.

Violations to this code of conduct shall be assessed at the sole discretion of RRC organizers. RRC organizers may disqualify competitors at any time.


To comply with local and international tax, prize, and contest/sweepstakes laws, this competition is void where prohibited.

Prize Eligibility

Due to tax reporting restrictions and the complexity of international contest/sweepstakes laws, only US residents are eligible to receive prizes in connection with any Radio Resilience Competition related activities.

Team Information

  1. A team can be a single person, multiple people, or an organization.
  2. All competitors must be 18 years or older.
  3. The team leader and all their members must be disclosed during registration (location and contact details).
  4. The team leader must be 18 years or older, and speak English. We wish we could accommodate other languages, however we are a small team and English is what we know.
  5. No team leaders or members can be subject to, or located in a location that falls under, the US Active Sanctions Programs.
  6. Competitors may only compete on one single team. Competitors are barred from having multiple entries.
  7. Participation isn’t guaranteed and the organizer can disqualify any team at any time for any reason.


To register, competitors shall submit the following via Google Form.

  • Team name. Must comply with GitLab’s Project naming criteria and be lowercase.
  • Names of all team members.
  • Emails of all team members.
  • Name of team member to be designated as the team leader.
  • Email of team member designated as the team leader.
  • All team members GitLab usernames as a comma-delineated list.
  • Acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.