The Radio Resilience Competition will be featured as a virtual CTF at GNU Radio Conference 2021! Join us online to test your software radio designs from anywhere in the world.

This September, we will feature a unique week-long format that will feature multiple events throughout GRCon. Daily matches will provide for dynamic action on our leaderboard, and the winner will walk away with exciting prizes. Tune in throughout the week for the following events:


Monday Match Results
Team Score IQ Replay
david-thee-radio 1068
t0x1c-v4p0r 950
jls 591
tea-and-tech-time 381
Tuesday Match Results
Team Score IQ Replay
jls 2986
wolf 1876
david-thee-radio 931
t0x1c-v4p0r 849
tea-and-tech-time 351
platypus 267
Final Match Results
Team Score IQ Replay
posttalen 5752
wolf 4947
jls 3000
ism_bandits 1986
tea-and-tech-time 1499
t0x1c-v4p0r 1470
david-thee-radio 1089
platypus 0



To be announced!


Click here to register! We will process your registration send your team leader a welcome email soon!

How to compete:

  1. Click here and register. We’ll email you instructions on how to submit your image!

  2. Clone the Simulator virtual RF testbed.

  3. Follow the steps in the Simulator’s README to build and run your first radio container image. Here they are for easy reference:

    • $ git clone

    • $ cd simulator/sim/env && ./

    • $ ./

    • Observe your score from the previous step.

    • $ vim img/competitor/blue/blue1-base.grc # Modify the “fec1” parameter from ‘1’ (None) to ‘4’ (Hamming 7,4)

    • $ ./ && ./

    • Observe that your score went up!

  4. Submit your radio container image by following these steps:

    • docker login

    • $ docker image tag env_blue1:latest

    *The latest tag name is important. We will pull your latest image named with this schema!

    • $ docker push
  5. Modify and test your image locally. Repeat this step and see how high you can push your score!

  6. Submit your image before 6pm ET each day for it to be included in that night’s Scrimmage!

Here’s how to get feedback from your radio design after each match:

  1. Watch the IQ playback of your match on the Leaderboard! The Simulator renders a video of the IQ playback of each match, and overlays timestamped scores on them. Go watch what happens in the spectrum to understand your performance!

  2. Download your match logs from S3. They can be found at the following link – insert your team name where appropriate:

    • Please note that all match logs are public by default. Don’t log anything sensitive to them!

Terms and Conditions

The Radio Resilience Competition at GNU Radio Conference will be governed by the Terms and Conditions outlined on the Terms page and the Competition Rules and Structure page. All competitors must accept these Terms and Conditions and Rules during registration to be eligible to compete.

Slack Community

Join our Slack community to get to know other participants, form teams, etc.

Technical Support

Please submit all technical support questions and requests as GitLab Issues on the Simulator project.