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Getting started is easy! The RRC match simulator can be run fully locally via Docker and docker-compose, and we provide a fully-functional stock transceiver design that is competition ready.

img Screenshot of the RF simulator running locally, showing the transceiver reference design and optional Baudline visualization (default packaged visualization uses stock GNU Radio blocks).

Follow these steps to begin:

  1. Click here and register. We’ll email you instructions on how to submit your image!

  2. Clone the Simulator virtual RF testbed.

  3. Follow the steps in the Simulator’s README to build and run your first radio container image. Here they are for easy reference:

    • $ git clone

    • $ cd simulator/sim/env && ./

    • $ ./

    • Observe your score from the previous step.

    • $ vim img/competitor/blue/blue1-base.grc # Modify the “fec1” parameter from ‘1’ (None) to ‘4’ (Hamming 7,4)

    • $ ./ && ./

    • Observe that your score went up!

  4. Submit your radio container image by following these steps:

    • docker login

    • $ docker image tag env_blue1:latest

    *The latest tag name is important. We will pull your latest image named with this schema!

    • $ docker push
  5. Modify and test your image locally. Repeat this step and see how high you can push your score!