Let’s Challenge the Wireless Status Quo

More communication makes the world better. While today’s radios are highly capable, they are still subject to interference borne from congested and constrained spectrum. The world needs radio that is more resilient.

The Radio Resiliency Competition (RRC) aims to create this. Put your SDR skills to the test this fall and compete to win as we set a new standard for wireless performance.

Clone our RF testbed and start hacking today!

Click here to register and we’ll be in touch with submission instructions!

Live Scrimmage Announcement!

We’re pleased to announce that the first Radio Resilience Competition scrimmage will take place LIVE this Sunday at 2pm Pacific! To help prepare, we will host an office hours session on Saturday from 2-3pm Pacific. Clone the simulator, start hacking, and come join us with any questions you may have. Submit your image by 5pm Pacific on Saturday to be considered for the scrimmage on Sunday. To recap: Office Hours Saturday 11⁄21 from 2-3pm Pacific [Read More]

Radio Resilience Competition Simulator is Live!

The virtual RF testbed that will host the Radio Resilience Competition is officially released! To attract the broadest competitor base possible, the Radio Resilience Competition takes place on entirely virtual infrastructure. Even better, we provide a fully-functional stock transceiver design that is competition ready. Clone this repo and register here and you are ready to compete with no code changes required! Though we recommend making some code changes ;) Tune into our GNU Radio Conference talk at 2:30pm Eastern today to learn more. [Read More]

GNU Radio Conference 2020

We are pleased to share that the Radio Resilience Competition will be featured at GNU Radio Conference 2020! Join us on Monday September 14th at 2:30pm Eastern as we walk through the objectives and structure of the competition, followed by a deep dive into the GNU Radio-based virtual RF testbed we have built for the event. Register for GNU Radio Conference 2020! Sign up to receive more info on the RRC! [Read More]

Introducing the Radio Resilience Competition!

This fall, Radio Resilience LLC will be hosting a competition to set a new standard in durable radio physical layers. Dubbed the Radio Resilience Competition (RRC), competitors are invited to pit their software-defined transceivers up against a variety of noisy and contested channels to develop the most resilient high performance RF PHY they can muster. RRC will take place entirely virtually on GNU Radio-based infrastructure. Competitors will be provided a fully open source simulated RF testbed in which they can develop and test their software-defined transceivers purely in software. [Read More]